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      中文版  |  English
      Industrial Dynamics

            Province fishery administrative departments at all levels to actively organize and guide the healthy aquaculture demonstration farm activities to create a control to create a standard strictly, strengthen guidance for creating units and supervision and inspection, and constantly improve farming around the facilities, sound management system, strengthen technological innovation, expand technical services, enhance the leading role, and comprehensively promote healthy aquaculture.        

            This year through enterprise reporting, qualification, inspection department, Ministry of Agriculture and other procedures, the province a total of 103 demonstration farms were selected, covering radiation breeding area totaled 8,100 hectares, to accelerate the construction of modern fisheries province has played a positive role in promoting.        

            The province will continue to strengthen aquaculture demonstration farm management and guidance, establish a healthy breeding demonstration models, enhance the construction of demonstration farm level, to further promote the healthy development of modern fisheries.

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